Restoring the American Dream

Have a brew with the candidate!

Karen will be in Hollidaysburg for an election eve meet & greet.
Mon, Nov 5, 5-8 pm.
703 Allegheny Street
Complimentary snacks and FREE BEER from one of Pennsylvania's famous breweries.

Karen Ramsburg - Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress 2012 Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District

As a nurse, activist and mother I believe our strength as a nation is in solving issues of safety and security for all citizens. These issues are creating good paying jobs with a future, affordable healthcare for everyone, clean air and water and a sustainable energy future and providing our children with the tools they need to compete in today's global economy.

Karen Ramsburg Contribute

I support National Nurses United Main Street Contract for America. I have a newly published book titled, Smith Rebellion 1765 Gives Rise to Modern Politics that discusses the similarities between Pennsylvania's Pre Revolutionary War frontier and uprisings today in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and occupy Wall Street.

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